Professionally Nicolas Kim Coppola is known as Nicolas Cage, who is an American actor and also famous filmmaker. He was born on 07th January 1964 and has been nominated for major cinematic awards. He even won a series of awards from his movies Leaving Las Vegas in 1995; starting from Academy Award, a Golden Globe, and Screen Actors Guild Award. In 1984, he was even listed as one of twelve Promising New Actors by John Willis’ Screen World, Vol. 36.


n 2002, for his performance as Charlie, he won the second Academy Award nomination and also for Donald Kaufman in Adaptation. In his early career stage, he acted in more than 8 movies such as Rumble Fish, Racing with the Moon, Peggy Sue Got Married, Wild at Heart, Honeymoon in Vegas, Raising Arizona, Vampire’s Kiss, and Red Rock West. Later he went towards more mainstream films, which included The Rock, 8mm, Con Air, Lord of War, City of Angels, The Wicker Man, Knowing, and more. He was also nominated for Grand Special Prize at Deauville Film Festival, after directing the movie Sonny in 2002.

His production house, Saturn Films, has produced many renowned films — The Life of David Gale in 2003 and in 2000, Cage’s house produced Shadow of the Vampire. In Empire magazine, he was ranked 40th amongst The Top 100 Movie Stars of All Time list, in 1997, October. He also won the place in the 100 most powerful people in Hollywood, by Premiere and was ranked 37th.

It was a matter of time that Cage gained popularity, owing to his participation and exploration of various film genres. He gained a cult following with his starters in Kick-Ass, Drive Angry, The Runner, Mandy, Dog Eat Dog, Joe, Mom and Dad, and Color Out of Space.
Nicolas Cage is known for his generosity and is a huge star actor in Hollywood. He donates money for rehabilitation shelters, medical services, and psychological and reintegration services for children. He even donated $2 million to Amnesty International for children caught in conflicts. During Hurricane Katrina, he donated $1 million to the victims. He even supported the raise awareness programs of fundamental rights. He was the first to support ArtWorks who worked for freedom from child labor and from slavery.

According to CNBC, Nicolas Cage’s net worth is $150m. But, as per Cheat Sheet, in 2018 the net worth was $25m. As of now, 2021, his net worth is $25 million. At one time he had $100 million, due to his profession and earning for movies as a salary. But, in order to pay off his debts, he lost money and also started taking roles left and right.

Nicolas Cage’s Wiki/Biography

Nicolas Cage was born to August Coppola and Joy Vogelsang on 07th January 1964, Long Beach, California, as of now 2021 he is 57 years old. He belongs to a Catholic background but never mentions his religion on public platforms. He even denies speaking about religion-connected questions. When questioned about the religion-themed film, he stated that any remark would risk the film and any would ruin his relationship with the film. And, he doesn’t like to preach and a movie itself makes the offering interesting.

His father was a professor of literature and his mother was a dancer and choreographer. August Coppola had an Italian descent whereas Joy Vogelsang had German and Polish ancestry. He belonged to a well-known family where his grandparents Carmine Coppola, who was a composer, and Italia Pennino, an actress. Nicolas Cage’s great grandparents were immigrants from Bernalda, Basilicata. Director Francis Ford Coppola is his nephew and so is the actress, Talia Shire.