Lily Rabe is an American stage as well as movie actress who grew to be a producer in a short period of her career. Very well known as an integral part of American Horror Story where she held multiple roles in the series. A spree of Ghostly movies can be widely seen in her career while she was also nominated for Tony awards for best actress for her performance in Merchant of Venice as Portia. Her on-screen presence came into effect from 2001. From then on, she has been a successful actress on stage as well as on-screen.


Lily appeared on stage for Broadway revival in Steel Magnolias and Merchant Venice and continued her acting in movies too. Lily Rabe featured in 9 seasons of American Horror story, missing out on ‘Cult’. In fact, she is one among the three casting members who were consistent in the series. She was nominated for several awards and finally won the Special Jury Recognition for best actress for her role in Miss Stevens.

Lily Rabe Wiki/Biography

Born on 29 June 1982, Lily Rabe was born to a Catholic Playwright artist. Incidentally, her maternal grandfather was Jewish. She was born in New York City and was raised in Bedford. She moved to Lakeville where she studies at the Hotchkiss School.

Lily Rabe is versatile in terms of dance. She learned to dance for ten years and was also a ballet teacher in Connecticut. Looking at her, the program acting instructor requested her to perform a monologue in the final production. The monologue performance from the play Crimes of a heart changed her life and she was inclined to stage performances from then on. Finally, she went on to Northwestern University to study acting and graduated in 2004.

Family, Boyfriend & Relationships

Lily Rabe’s father’s name is David Rabe who is a famous playwright and a screenwriter. Her mother is also a former actress and her name is Jill Clayburgh. She was born to a Catholic father and a Jewish Mother.

Lily Rabe has two siblings; Michael Rabe and Jason Rabe. Jason Rabe is the oldest half-brother and Michael is the youngest. Michael is an actor and is well known for series like Homeland and The Leftovers. David had two kids with Jull Clayburgh and that is Lily and Michael. In fact, David was married twice and the first wife’s son is Jason Rabe who is a singer.

Lily met Hamish Linklater in 2010 during the production of Merchant of Venice. They started dating in 2014 and gave birth to a daughter in 2017. In fact, they had not tied the wedding knot still, but the relationship seems to be strong. Lily had no relationships other than Hamish Linklater. Lily Rabe has two daughters, the second one was born in 2020. Hamish Linklater is a famous actor well known for the character Mathew Kimble in the play The New Adventures of Old Christine.