Zareen Khan on Women’s day: Zareen Khan who’s often spoken up about women empowerment and has taken part in the #GirlsGetEqualChallenge is all for progress and breaking the stereotype. She says, “I believe when a woman is unapologetically herself, she’s bound to inspire other women. So many women out there are bogged down and limited by societal stereotypes.”

Zareen continues with a few words of advice, “Women in their core nature are limitless, and I wish it’s time we realized this. Society may have taught women to compete with each other, but I believe women are at their absolute best when they support and empower each other.”


On her inspiration, she says, “I am inspired by each and every woman who has refused to get bogged down in their life. Women are the strongest and the saddest part is, that we have to remind each other of that. So this woman’s day, let’s celebrate women and let’s tell them that they’re enough and that they are not just born to sacrifice and tolerate, but to receive immense love and respect! This year, my goal is to inspire and to be inspired.”

On the occasion of International Women’s day, she took to Instagram and captions, “Here’s to Strong Women…May we KNOW them, May we BE them, May we RAISE them. Happy Woman’s Day ❤️