Anupamaa is one of the most loved and popular TV shows in recent times. The show always managed to grab the attention of the audiences from plot to actors’ performances. The viewers are eagerly waiting for Anupamaa and Anuj to get married soon. There is some more good news for fans. According to reports, Anupamaa is all set to get a prequel and it will stream on Hotstar.


In the prequel, The series will have 11 episodes and the story of Anupamaa and Vanraj Shah having completed 10 years of marriage. Apart from Anupamaa and Vanraj we will get to see Baa, Bapuji, Toshu, Samar, Dolly. In the prequel, the viewers will get to see how Shah’s family and Vanraj used to treat Anupamaa.

Currently, the show Anupamaa is focusing on how Anu came out from her abusive marriage and is living independently. She has found love in her college friend Anuj, who supports her and loves her deeply. Both, Anu and Anuj are all set to get married soon and the love is in the air for the couple.