Lock Upp’s show is making the right kind of news on social media. The show hosted by Kangana Ranaut consists of 16 contestants that are locked together in a jail-type house. In the latest episode, Mandana grabbed everyone’s attention when she made a shocking allegation against Ali Merchant. In the promo, Mandana was seen talking to Kangana about an incident linked to Ali Merchant she came across in the bathroom that she can’t speak about openly.

Kangana Ranaut then tells Mandana Karimi that she’s put an idea in the mind of viewers and she’s putting allegations on him. The Queen actress went on to tell Mandana that if she doesn’t clear then people think the worst of him. This is when Mandana opens up about the incident while accusing Ali Merchant of mast*****ing. She told Kangana, “So, the other day, I went to the washroom first. After me, Saisha had to go to the washroom. She was really upset the whole day. After me, when she went to the washroom, there was only one person who used the bathroom… It was Ali. And someone mas******ed. And it was… there.”


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Soon after hearing Mandana Karimi’s side of the story, Kangana Ranaut schooled her for making ‘halla of body fluids.” She reprimanded her and said, “Look, when you all share a house together, there is only one toilet. I am no insaaf ka taraazu. For me, if you encounter anybody’s fluid, be it saliva, spit, nasal, or sexual genitals, AAP us Insaan ko request Karo to clean it. Even if it is sh*t stain. You are saying he has traumatized you. Your mental stability is shaken. This is your judgment. Isme Kitni Sachhai hai, we have to give the benefit of doubt to Ali.”

“There are so many contestants using the bathroom and you are only targeting him, I can also say this is kind of harassment. Also, whatever is said and done, mas******ion is something people openly discuss. Contestants are living here for so many days, I thought Ali might have seriously done something. You are doing so much of ho-halla around it. It doesn’t work like that Mandana. We are all adults, we all know what body fluids are,” Kangana added.

Replying to the same Mandana Karimi said, “I don’t know why whatever I am saying it’s being taken as if I am shaming someone. I am trying to have a conversation.” Kangana explains, “You are trying to have a conversation, but I have to see a democratic way for all the people to exist. We use a public restroom and there is so much stink and things we see and think of as the person using the bathroom before us. But the stink might already be there. So you have to give the benefit of the doubt.”